VA Home Loan Rates

VA home loan interest rates are much lower than any other interest rates applicable on other kinds of loans.

The VA home loan rates are transferable. You demonstrate your positive points to lenders and request a lower interest rate. Lenders investigate a number of factors before issuing VA loans, such as a borrower’s credit record, income levels, etc, which in turn influences the VA loan rates. The lender will also want to assure that you are capable of meeting the payments to cover the cost of a home, which includes credit payments, insurance, taxes, income levels, etc. Eligibility for a VA loan is not based on your credit score, but you pay the same low rate whether you are making a 5% down payment or no down payment at all.

Though first-time VA home loan applicants are guaranteed a VA loan of up to $240,000, the actual amount of the VA mortgage loan will depend on income, assets, and credit history. You can choose VA home loans at rates that are adjustable. A variable loan rate can save you money, if you do not have a long-term interest in the house.

VA loans can help you to obtain the funds to purchase an existing single-family home or new construction. You can take advantage of VA home mortgage loan to refinance or undertake home improvements. The interest rates on VA home loans differ from one financing company to another. These specific financing companies offering VA home loans also have an array of products with different loan rates. So, you can choose a VA home loan based on such rates.